Enpass is one of the better password managers out there, especially if you want to choose your own cloud service or server for synchronization. It's also one of only a few that offer one-time purchases instead of recurring fees, but that's about to change. Enpass has announced that it's going to move to a subscription model, though it promises to keep features free for people who purchase the app before the switch happens.

So far, Enpass hasn't announced any pricing details for the new subscription. The company admits that it's more sustainable to run its business on repeating payments, but it also says the switch is meant to make the onboarding process easier, as users don't have to purchase multiple apps across multiple OSes anymore. Instead, the subscription unlocks Enpass on all platforms it's available on.

Enpass promises that existing users won't have to pay for the subscription and can continue using the Pro version at no extra charge: "Once your complimentary subscription is activated, you will be able to use Enpass across all platforms and not just the device/platform you purchased the app on."

If you've been playing with the thought of getting Enpass Pro, this might be the best time to shell out the one-time purchase of $12 for a platform of your choice. The company has historically been good at keeping its word, and even if it decided to charge existing customers at some point, you can probably expect to get quite your money's worth before that happens.

Pricing and tiers

Enpass started rolling out the new subscription model and shared which tiers it offers. Enpass Lite will come for free, and it will give you full access to the password manager on desktops while you'll be limited to 25 items on mobile. Enpass Premium lets you fully utilize the company's mobile applications. You can choose to subscribe for 6 or 12 months at $12 or $18, respectively, which comes down to a price of $2 or $1.50 per month.

Enpass emphasizes that existing Pro users won't have to pay anything when they make the transition, now going as far as saying: "They will continue to receive future app updates and new Pro features that we’ll release over time — for lifetime, on all supported platforms." It's unclear what difference there is going to be between Pro and Premium features, though.

The new sign-up process and options to migrate from Pro to Premium are rolling out with version 6.3 of the password manager across all platforms.

Enpass Password Manager
Enpass Password Manager
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