Google Home and Assistant already offer plenty of music-related commands that let you play any track, artist, album, or playlist you want. But if you have nothing in particular in mind, the options become a lot more limited. You can say "play some music," which usually continues where you last left off, though that's not conductive to discovery. With some new commands, you'll be able to trust Spotify to play recommended tracks for you without having to continue or choose anything.

The new commands work on Google smart speakers, but not your phone, and require a Spotify Premium subscription. Your Assistant also needs to be set to English (likely, US English). To get your Google Home or Nest Home to play recommended music, ask:

  • Recommend some music
  • Play recommended music
  • Find recommended music

Google Assistant will tell you which artist its current selection is based on then start playing random tracks. It's like playing an artist radio — a feature that is limited to free Spotify users so far — except you can't control which one Assistant picks. You can only ask it to change and hope it chooses an artist and style you feel like listening to now. To do that, use these commands:

  • Play something (else/different)
  • Try something (else/different)

These commands should be live now; they're already working for me on my Google Home Mini. If you want to check out more Spotify-specific commands for Assistant, Google has a whole list on its support page.