No smart home is complete without a robotic vacuum. These Roborock vacuums will fulfill your auto-cleaning needs (but unfortunately not your auto-swearing needs), leaving a trail of not just dust-free but also freshly mopped floor behind them. You can currently pick up a Roborock S5 for $360 ($140 off) or a cheaper E35 for $228 ($123 off).

Both vacuums have a runtime of 150 minutes, and they can both be controlled via an app and the Google Assistant. The S5 has some additional features in the way of more advanced route planning via laser-guided navigation, which allows it to clean specific areas of your home without the need for magnetic strips. They do both have the same rating on suction, so their differences come mostly down to their feature sets.

You can get the discounted price of the S5 without any coupons. The E35 requires that you clip the on-page coupon for an additional 5% off. Both vacuums have great discounts, but don't be fooled by Amazon's list price; the S5 is listed as having sold for $600, but we haven't seen it go above $500 for several months.

We recommended Roborock in our 2019 summer smart home guide, and though this isn't an exact model match, you should find that the quality of the products is similar. The deals expire soon—at the end of the countdown on each product page.