Earlier today, two Google Stadia team members hosted an AMA on Reddit to answer people's questions about the upcoming Stadia game streaming service. Although the Q&A session dampened some of our enthusiasm for Stadia by revealing a bunch of missing day-one features, the AMA contained a pleasant surprise: Google made a phone mount for the Stadia controller, and it is called "The Claw."

The Claw's existence was let out of the proverbial bag by Andrey Doronichev, Director of Product for Stadia at Google. Details were light, but enough information was shared in the thread to get some people excited for it. After testing several off-the-shelf clips and finding them to be lacking in balance, the team decided they wanted a phone mount that is centered and "floating" over the controller. After building a trial prototype with a metal wire coat hanger and following it up with a 3D-printed design, they teamed up with a Made for Google partner called Power Support for the final creation.

This is what "The Claw" will presumably look like.

The Claw has been designed with Pixel phones in mind, although Andrey didn't specify the models in detail. The price is currently unknown, and it will be available for purchase at the Google Store in the coming weeks. To see it in action, check out the video below.

Appropriately on time for the official Stadia launch, the "Claw" accessory has gotten a placeholder page on the Google Store. Although you can't order it just yet, more details have surfaced. It will come in a matte black finish, weigh 1.26 oz (36g), and be compatible with the Pixel 3, Pixel 3a, and Pixel 4 families of devices (sorry Pixel 2 owners). With a layer of protective covering on all the contact points, it looks like it should securely stay put on the phone without, hopefully, causing any scratches.

The Power Support Claw for Stadia will go for about $15 once sales finally open.