We've only reported Google Go's 10 million download numbers last September, and today, the app has reached another milestone: it now boasts 100 million installs on the Play Store. Since it's pre-installed on all Android Go phones, this might indicate that Android Go is quite a successful endeavor for Google, as this would suggest that the amount of newly activated Go devices skyrocketed over the past half year.

We have to keep in mind that the correlation between Google Go and Android Go phones isn't picture perfect, though. You can install the app on other phones, and coupled with our own coverage and the fact that Go saves users a ton of mobile data, we can assume that it does run on lots of regular Android phones, especially in its most popular markets such as India, Indonesia, and Brazil. The app also originated as Search Lite in 2017 before Android Go was a thing, where it accumulated some downloads, too.

Still, the rapid growth in download numbers on the Play Store is an indicator that Go devices are not unsuccessful, even if the 100 million mark is the highest estimate we can assume. It's likely that the number is, in fact, much lower. All in all, this remains the best calculation we have on our hands since Google doesn't report the total number of devices it ships Android on.

Another Go app has hit the 100 million install mark: Google Maps Go. It too can be installed on non-Go phones, but it's very limited in functionality compared to the main Maps app as it doesn't provide any navigation (which comes from a separate app). The odds of people using it instead of the main Maps app may thus be lower, which further corroborates the claim that Android Go phones have probably seen some decent sales.

Maps Go doesn't have navigation integrated natively in the app in order to keep the APK size as small as possible. If you want to use the service for directions, you need to download the additional 'Navigation for Google Maps Go' app. With a delay of about two months, this helper app has now also reached 100 million downloads.

Navigation for Google Maps Go
Navigation for Google Maps Go
Developer: Google LLC
Price: Free