Envato is a top marketplace to create and share creative assets for web development. They have several services to make the creation of websites easier, many of which require minimal experience to use. Milkshake is their newest tool, made to help you build websites specifically for Instagram, with no web development knowledge necessary.

The service is tailor-made for Instagram creators: like Instagram, most of your interactions will be within the app, as the desktop site does not allow for adding or editing content. The websites you'll build are also entirely mobile-oriented; a Milkshake site is the website equivalent of a vertical video. The website UX also mirrors Instagram in its interactions—rather than pages accessible by link, webpages are presented as cards through which users can swipe. This makes it feel as though the site is native to the Instagram app when running within Instagram's browser.

Creation is simple. The inbuilt themes are attractive, and their colors and fonts can be easily customized. Publishing is also simple; Milkshake provides you with your own web address under their msha.ke domain and your website can be published or updated with a single tap.

I'd normally question the necessity of such a simple tool, but its target demographic is very clear: Instagram personalities who want a website to link or a mobile landing page to surface more of their content.  To be clear, this is not a tool to create a full website for yourself. It lacks most of the functionality you would need to create a personal or business website. There are no plugins or shopping integrations, and there aren't any options for image galleries, or embedding anything other than YouTube videos.

If you feel you limited by the number of options Instagram gives you to express yourself but you don't feel comfortable with web design, this app is the easiest option to expand.

Milkshake — Website Builder
Milkshake — Website Builder