The Google Pixel 4 comes with a brand-new face unlock mechanism that relies on a revised API, meaning that apps that support fingerprint authentication won't automatically work with your face, too. A few companies already reacted and updated their apps with the new biometrics API, and following the latest release of its mobile banking application, we can now count Bank of America and Barclays US in on these.

When you open either of the updated banking apps and log in on an Android 10 device, you'll notice the new biometrics pop-up at the bottom of the screen. On older phones, that will still be the fingerprint symbol, but on the Pixel 4, you'll see the face unlock icon. Once the sensors decide it's really you wanting to enter the app, you can confirm the prompt.

The biometrics prompt in Bank of America's app.

The latest Bank of America and Barclays US app releases are currently rolling out on the Play Store. Hopefully, more banking applications will soon follow suit.

Barclays US Credit Cards
Barclays US Credit Cards
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