YouTube launched YouTube Premium and YouTube Music in India last March, and while at the time users could only subscribe to a monthly plan, Google today announced that customers in India can prepay for the services one or three months at a time, with no subscription required.

In case you're still confused about Google's none-too-simple premium services, YouTube Premium is a paid service that gives subscribers access to YouTube's entire catalog of music and videos without having to be subjected to the ads that usually accompany such content. YouTube Music is similar, but restricted only to music on YouTube. This is, of course, different than Google Play Music, the service that Google still hasn't axed, despite it having access to the same benefits as YouTube Music.

Users can pay for their membership as they go, with the ability to add additional months whenever they'd like. For people who want to take more control over their bills, this should make it easier to cut down on runaway expenses related to monthly subscription services. Currently, India is the only market that can prepay for these services.

If you live in India and would prefer to prepay for YouTube Premium or YouTube Music, select the 1-month or 3-month options when signing up for either service to take advantage of YouTube's new payment options. Note that you will need a payment card that is local to India as well.