When you hear the word T-Mobile, several things probably come to mind: a retina-melting shade of fluorescent pink, industry-bucking "uncarrier" campaigns spanning the greater half of this decade, and the incessant, enthusiastic tweets of Chief Executive extraordinaire, John Legere. Well, you can soon scratch that last one off your list. Per an announcement made by Legere himself, the spirited face of T-Mobile plans to step down from his CEO position in just six short months.

On Monday morning, the man whose career has included stays at Dell, AT&T, and T-Mobile where he served as CEO since 2012, took to Twitter to announce the somewhat surprising news that he would soon be handing over the CEO reins. Taking his place is Mike Sievert, a man also hired in 2012 and who Legere has deemed "my mentee, my secret weapon and my friend."

This news comes on the heels of a recently debunked rumor that Legere was in the running to become the new CEO of WeWork. However, today's report is a stark contrast to previous information that stated Legere "has no plans to leave the company" following the approved Sprint/T-Mobile merger.

Plenty of questions still remain in the wake of Legere's impending departure: Will he continue his career in the tech world, switch up industries, or retire off into the sunset? What will become of Legere's Twitter account post-T-Mobile antics? Will Mike Sievert be able to fill the lofty social media shoes worn by his mentor? Only time will tell, but you can follow T-Mobile's future CEO here on Twitter to find out. We hope you like pink, Mike!