You might have used the Find my Device feature in Google accounts before, which displays a list of your Android phones and tables with the ability to ring or wipe them remotely. There is also a little-known My Devices page, mostly used within G Suite organizations, which works with all mobile devices logged into your Google account. Starting today, the latter page is getting a much-needed facelift.

The new design, pictured above, now includes both mobile and desktop devices. The old layout, pictured below, only displayed phones and tablets. The new page otherwise functions identically, but looks much nicer. When you're panicking because you left your work phone on the train, and you need to locate it as quickly as possible, it's important that the page looks nice.

A throwback to when Google didn't have designers.

The panel also has a new URL, as it's now located at, rather than Google says the new page will take 1-3 days to appear for everyone.