With Black Friday less than two weeks away, retailers have already started discounting some items and teasing their full-blown deal extravaganza. Google is joining them today with its own early look: The entire Google Store front page has been themed with black and a list of upcoming sales is displayed below it.

Among the headliners is the $200 off Pixel 4 units, which pushes the price of the regular Pixel 4 64GB down to $599, while the higher-end 4 XL 128GB goes down from $999 to $799. It's an excellent discount, but one that's sure to leave a bitter-sweet taste in the mouth of any early adopter who got the phone for full price when it launched. Other excellent deals include $100 off the Pixel 3a and 3a XL, up to $648 off the Pixel Slate and select accessories (this isn't clear yet, but I think it'll be a discount plus the keyboard and pen for free), and $20 off the new Nest Mini speaker. Again, the latter is a blow to early adopters.

Here is the list of deals on the US Google Store:

It's not clear when most deals will be available, but we know the Pixel 4 and Pixel Slate ones are set to start on November 24. We're also not sure if other items will be added later. You'll notice that neither the Pixelbook nor the Pixelbook Go are part of the list, nor are any Chromecasts or accessories, though Google usually offers discounts on them.

If you live outside the US, make sure to check your local Google Store for the local details. I looked at the French and UK stores and found they didn't offer any decent Pixel 4 discounts, so I'd temper my expectations.