Many of Google's recent products place their focus on mobile, which often comes to the detriment of the desktop experience. Google Photos has been plagued by that problem—after bringing an improved movie editor to Android and iOS, Google left the Photos web client without any editor at all. However, Google just added editing capability to the web interface, bringing its features more in line with those of mobile.

The editor is still bare-bones; it doesn't allow you to put filters on your videos, and you can't add text overlays. These limitations exist in the app as well, so that's to be expected. The editor does allow you to add clips and pictures (including live photos), and you can trim and reposition them in the timeline. You can change the music, but as in the app, you can't use a custom song.

This new functionality is not going to replace even basic video editing software, but it works well for creating and sharing simple videos, especially for editing automatically created movies. Though it is overall a minor addition, it's nice to see Google bringing more features across platforms. Now, let's just wait for Google Assistant in Chrome. I'm sure that'll be any day now.

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  • John Ahlers