It might have slipped under your radar, but Google's game streaming service Stadia formally launches in just a couple of days, on November 19th. Unfortunately, not everyone who pre-ordered one of the early editions will get it on day one, but at least the twelve launch titles include a few big names like Red Dead Redemption 2 and the latest Tomb Raider titles. Of course, as a service, there's the question of pricing, and Stadia has a few different options. Are you planning to get the $10 a month Stadia Pro service, will you stick with the free tier, or are you uninterested in Stadia at all?

The complexity of Stadia's pricing model is a little bit confusing, but if you do the math, even the $10 a month "Pro" paid service could actually work out to a pretty good deal. And if you stick with the free tier, picking up a controller separately and eschewing monthly free titles to buy games at full price, you basically get to play games for just the cost of the game — no new graphics card or game console required. Things like latency, quality, and reliability might still be a question, and you'll need a decent internet connection to use it, but purely on paper, it works out to a striking value.

Personally, I'm not sure that I'll ever move away from PC gaming for a streaming solution, but Stadia is an attractive proposition for those without the time or space for that more expensive hobby. Did you pre-order one of the early editions (which comes with a subscription), are you thinking of subscribing later once it's proven itself, or are you entirely uninterested?

A poll can also be a discussion, and we're also curious to know what your rationale for considering Stadia might be, so feel free to chime in below with your own reasons for trying/not trying it out.

Will you subscribe to Stadia Pro for $10 a month?

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