Besides making smartphones that are affordably priced and well-specced, Xiaomi is also known for applying the same philosophy to its other lineups, such as its range of smart home security products, often undercutting the competition by huge margins while offering similar feature parity. Xiaomi's Mi Home security camera, which has been selling on Amazon for an already reasonable price of $40, has dropped to its lowest price ever of $20 (50% off).

The features and specifications of the Xiaomi Mi Home security camera, on its own, isn't particularly impressive or special when compared to competing products. What is remarkable, though, is how much stuff you get for so little money. For just $20, you get a security camera that records in 1080P at 20FPS with a 130-degree viewing angle, support for both 2.4 and 5GHz Wi-Fi, night vision mode, a speaker for two-way communication, Amazon Alexa integration, and configurable motion detection and alerts. With a microSD card expansion slot, you can store weeks worth of video clips locally or use Cloud NAS. The final neat feature is support for selective person recording using Bluetooth technology.

At just $20, this camera offers a great way to keep an eye out on the baby or mischievous cats and dogs, making this an impulse purchase.