Three months ago, Assistant reminders suddenly stopped working for G Suite users, with no warning or statement from Google. There hasn't been a proper fix either, other than reverting to an older version of the Google app or using Calendar for reminders instead. To add insult to injury, the company has now locked a support thread full of people asking for help and offered no explanation other than that the change was intentional and that it would update them on the situation later on.

Google closed the thread with the following statement, which has already collected about 100 downvotes:

As some of you may have noticed already, we are no longer supporting the ability for G Suite users to set reminders with the Assistant as we work to improve the experience. We will update this thread with any new information as soon as we have it

The support inquiry was opened in the Google Assistant forums on August 9 and has been populated by hundreds of users reporting the problem. People have been sent to the G Suite help forum, only to be told it's an Assistant issue there:

Frustrating as this is, Assistant is a consumer service and not a core service of G Suite. G Suite support will not be able to offer any solution to this. Ultimately it's the Consumer division of Google who made this call.

Apparently, communication within Google doesn't work too well.

Nothing about these statements is helpful, other than Google at least admitting that Assistant reminders don't work anymore. Even if the Assistant team wants "to improve the experience," there's no reason I could think of that would require them to shut down the integration altogether for more than three months. Saying that they are "no longer supporting the ability for G Suite users" almost sounds like they don't plan on changing anything about the situation. If that's the case, we can only hope Google will revert this decision and offer its paying customers an experience on par with free users, even if, God forbids, two different divisions within Google have to work towards that goal together.

Let me pass the mic to Google Assistant, which properly and perfectly described to a Twitter user why it couldn't set reminders anymore: