For more than two years, Spotify has been offering a "Behind the Lyrics" feature that gives its users the ability to see parts of a song's lyrics accompanied by comments from other listeners, and sometimes by background information from the artists themselves. Now the company is finally working on showing subscribers what they actually want to see: plain simple automatically scrolling lyrics without any bells and whistles.

Spotify confirmed to TechCrunch that it's showing scrolling lyrics to some people as part of a limited test run. The site found reports that the feature is showing up for listeners in Canada, Indonesia, and Mexico. In these markets, lyrics are available beneath the playback controls, right where Spotify shows "Behind the Lyrics" content for other users. It's also possible to expand the card to get a fullscreen view. As songs continue, the text scrolls automatically, dynamically adjusting to the music.

Let's hope the test ends on a positive note and all Spotify users get to view plain lyrics. This would also be the chance for the company to add the feature back into the desktop application, something subscribers have been vocal about for more than three years now.

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