Most live TV subscriptions follow the same path: they start cheap with a few channels, then add a few more channels, then raise prices to make up for the costs of adding more channels. Hulu's live TV option already increased in price once this year, and now the service is set to become even more expensive.

Starting December 18th, Hulu + Live TV will increase to $54.99 a month, a $10 increase from the previous $45/mo pricing. In a blog post, the company said the new cost "better reflects the substantial value of Hulu + Live TV and allows us to continue offering all of the popular live news, sports and entertainment programming included in the plan."

For those of you who don't would prefer a cheaper a-la-carte option for fewer channels, Hulu hears you. "We’re actively exploring ways to provide additional, more tailored live TV options to you in the future," the blog post said.

Given how network providers are extremely hesitant to sell their channels outside of bundles, I wouldn't hold my breath that any future plans would offer significant savings. However, given that Hulu now has the corporate backing of Disney, perhaps it can have a stronger hand in negotiations.