Following a string of delays and an anticipated late-October launch, Huawei's Mate X folding phone has finally gone on sale in China for a mere $2400 (16,999 Chinese Yuan). Or, at least, it was on sale. The phone has reportedly sold out in just minutes, though more rounds of sales are expected to happen in the coming days.

Although Motorola has just revealed its own folding phone, this makes the Mate X the second big-brand foldable phone to be released (though there have been a few smaller Chinese names that even beat the Galaxy Fold to market). Unlike both Samsung and Motorola's designs, though, Huawei's Mate X puts the screen on the outside of the phone. While it might make for a bigger screen, it remains to be seen how the Mate X might hold up to long-term use, given that the display is usually one of the most delicate parts of a folding phone.

The final specs for the much-anticipated phone are just below:


Display 8" 2480 x 2200 unfolded; 6.6" 2480 x 1148 folded primary and 6.3" 2480 x 1148 secondary/back panel.
Chipset Huawei Kirin 980
Software Huawei EMUI 9.1.1 (Android 9)
Battery 4,400mah (two cells), 55W Huawei SuperCharge
Storage 512GB, NM memory card expandable
Rear cameras 40MP f/1.8 primary, 16MP f/2.2 wide-angle, 8MP f/2.4 telephoto, time-of-flight sensor.
Color Interstellar blue
Connectivity 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac; Bluetooth 5.0 w/SBC, AAC, LDAC, and HWA HD audio
Misc Dual SIM dual standby, 5G support

The phone even sports sub-6Ghz 5G support on a handful of frequencies, presumably intended for the Chinese market, which isn't as obsessed with mmWave as the US carriers seem to be.

Although it has great specs on paper, it appears you can't actually buy one right this second, even if you live in China. GSMArena reports that the Mate X sold out within minutes in this first flash sale. Vmall is allegedly the sole retailer for the phone, and at the time of writing, the next wave of sales is set for November 17th.

Should you have the burning urge to drop ¥ 16,999 (which works out to a slightly painful $2,425 at the time of writing), you'll have to wait for that next flash sale, and you may have to act fast before that sells out, too.