SanDisk is well-known for its high-performance and premium lines of microSD cards. Trusted by many, its products are often bundled together with mission-critical equipment, such as dash cams, action cameras, and drones. After floating around between $130-150 for the past few months, the SanDisk Extreme 512GB microSD card is at its lowest price ever at Amazon for $110.

Today's deal is different from the $80 SanDisk Ultra 512GB microSD deal we posted a couple of days ago. The SanDisk Extreme has better specifications than the Ultra card with its higher A2 and V30 ratings. The A2 notation means it can perform 4,000 read input/output operations per second (IOPS) and 2,000 write IOPS — great for storing your Android phone's app data for quicker file transfers and data manipulation. The UHS speed class 3 (U3) and video speed class 30 (V30) designations point to a sustained video capture rate of 30 MB/s, suitable for high res recording with drones and action cameras. It's also capable of 160 MB/s of read and 90 MB/s of write rates for faster file transfers. Depending on your application, it can definitely be worth paying $30 more for the Extreme over the Ultra. I personally have a 512GB Extreme inside my Galaxy S10+ (for total 1 terabyte of storage), and it's fantastic at managing file transfers and app data.

Should you require a USB card reader to go along with the microSD card, the bundle configuration is also down to its lowest price of $122.78 (it's been hovering between $160-170).

If you've always wanted one of these premium microSD cards for your phone, drone, or action camera, head over to Amazon right now and get yours before the supply runs out.