Many people find autoplaying videos incredibly annoying, but they help content creators and advertisers hook up consumers more efficiently. That's why many platforms try to find a balance by making autoplay opt-out and letting you turn it off in settings, all while hoping that only a small percentage of people will actually do that. After Google recently introduced autoplay videos to the Play Store, the company now seems to be testing such a toggle.

A tipster reached out to us to show us a new entry that has appeared in his Play Store's Settings called 'Auto-play videos.' When they tap that, a pop-up opens that lets them choose from three options that are pretty standard across many apps: 'Auto-play videos at any time,' 'auto-play videos over Wi-Fi only,' and 'do not auto-play videos.' Since none of us at AP can reproduce this just now, it seems that it's part of a limited A/B test.

Left: The current Play Store Settings interface. Middle & Right: The new entry lives right underneath the auto-update options.

Hopefully, Google will roll out the option for everyone soon, as autoplaying videos can get annoying pretty fast.

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