Freddie Mercury may no longer be with us, but his legacy continues to live on in his music, in movies, and now in a web app that judges your singing talents. FreddieMeter analyzes vocal patterns to determine how closely you can recreate the unique voice of Freddie Mercury. It then gives you a score based on your accuracy in general pitch and melody, as well as how closely your timbre matches that of Freddie Mercury's.

The app uses a neural network and self-supervised pitch estimation (or SPICE) to determine your accuracy in singing, and it does so directly on your device. Google has been working on getting more complicated neural network calculations to run on-device for some time now, so it's always interesting to see novel uses of the technology.

FreddieMeter has come out not long after the Bohemian Rhapsody music video reached 1 billion views and was released by Google's Creative Lab in collaboration with YouTube Music to support the Mercury Phoenix Fund, a charity to spread awareness for the fight against AIDS.

The experiment is designed to run in your browser on desktop and mobile. You can try it out here.