There are a ton of smart devices in your life. The first one that comes to mind may be your smartphone or your computer, but what about all the other gadgets you use every week, like your wireless headphones, Bluetooth speakers, and rechargeable mice, just to name a few? Despite the tech industry's slow shift toward adopting a USB-C charging standard, the truth is that many of your devices have a variety of hardwired connections: Micro USB, USB-C, and even Apple's proprietary Lightning port. Wouldn't it be nice if there was a single charging cord that could replace that wad of wires unceremoniously shoved in your bedside nightstand? Chargeasap – the team behind the world's most crowdfunded cable – thought so, too, so it's back with a sixth crowdfunding campaign aimed at launching the Infinity Cable.

Save up to 60% on the Chargeasap Infinity Cable through Kickstarter

The Infinity Cable by Chargeasap is the first cable to support 100W USB-C PD and cross-device compatibility with all three major USB types, making it the world's first truly universal USB cable that will work with most modern phones, tablets, and USB-C PD devices, including laptops. Every Infinity Cable includes one of three Infinity Magnetic Tips (Micro USB, USB-C, or Lightning) that plug directly into your devices; additional tips are sold separately.


Chargeasap Infinity Cable with universal Magnetic Tips

On the opposite end is a magnetic locking mechanism that attaches to the 3.9-foot-long (or optional 6.5-foot-long) Infinity Cable using 2x N52-grade neodymium magnets, which are the world's strongest commercial-grade magnets. It's capable of withstanding the weight of an iPad Air (nearly an entire pound) yet will "break away" with a moderate tug, thanks to a snag-free design that makes tripping over and potentially breaking your devices a thing of the past. An included Magnetic Stay can be also be attached to virtually any surface – like a car dashboard or office desk – to keep your cable in place while not in use.


Chargeasap Infinity Cable with snag-free magnetic connection; Magnetic Stay for Chargeasap Infinity Cable

Chargeasap's Infinity Cable supports Power Delivery and Quick Charge 3.0/4.0 standards at up to 100W. As a result, the Infinity Cable can fast charge a wide range of devices, from mobile phones, to tablets, and even USB-C Chromebooks, MacBook Pros, and Windows laptops. Data Transfer compatibility is also on board for Android, Chrome OS, and Apple devices, and every cable comes with a 15-year international warranty.

Chargeasap Infinity Cable in use

You can preorder the Chargeasap Infinity Cable by becoming an official backer on Kickstarter from now until November 23rd. All supporters that pledge $30 or more will receive a significant discount ranging from 45% to 61% off their orders. The production version of the Chargeasap Infinity Cable will ship to backers in February 2020 with wider market availability following soon after.

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