There are some grown adults who don't know the satisfaction of snapping a clamshell phone closed to hang up on someone. Well, those days are coming back with the new foldable Razr. Motorola has unveiled the device after months of leaks, most of which were right. The new Razr is a Verizon exclusive, and it'll cost you a whopping $1,500 when it launches in early 2020.

Motorola has also offered up a full spec sheet. Behold.


SoC Snapdragon 710
Storage 128GB
Display 6.2-inch 2142 x 876, 2.7-inch 600 x 800
Battery 2510 mAh
Camera 16MP main, 5MP selfie (open configuration)
Software Android 9 Pie

The centerpiece of the foldable Razr is the 6.2-inch "Flex View" OLED panel, but it's only 2142 x 876 resolution. That's the interior OLED panel that folds in half when the phone is closed. When open, it operates similarly to a standard smartphone, but it does look rather wrinkly in the demo video. There's a secondary "Quick View" display on the outside (2.7-inch, 600 x 800) that gives you access to the camera viewfinder, notifications, Google Assistant, and more. Perhaps the lower resolution is okay considering the battery situation—it's only 2510 mAh.

The Razr will come with a set of USB-C earbuds. Hopefully they're good to help justify the $1,499.99 price tag (that's $62.49 per month for two years). Verizon will begin taking pre-orders on December 26th, and the phone arrives in stores on January 9, 2020. It's also worth noting this phone only supports eSIM, so you can't just swap your existing SIM card into the phone. It will also launch in Canada, Latin America, and other markets in 2020.