In time for the holiday season, Fitbit is updating a whole bunch of software and services in the hopes of getting everyone excited and resolved for a healthier 2020 — just as it hopes Google ownership will improve its stance in the fitness tech marketplace. Fitbit OS 4.1 will be rolling out some features originally exclusive to the Versa 2 to other smartwatches while Fitbit Premium will be adopting more special routines to inspire some better habits.

For the Fitbit Ionic and the original Versa and Versa Lite models, OS 4.1 will bring the Versa 2's sleep cycle-optimized haptic alarm setting, known as smart wake, and on-device Sleep Score viewing for users to check as soon as they get out of bed.

Amazon Alexa support remains exclusive to the Versa 2, but this update will allow users to command the watch to start any of the 20 exercise modes in the Exercise app. The watch's heart rate monitor is also gaining a PurePulse algorithm that is expected to latch onto wearers' beat signature and produce more accurate readings. And to top it off, the always-on AMOLED display is now available in color for peekable data.

For all smartwatches, there's also a new clock face switcher which lets users swap between five of their designs — the Versa 2 also gets a similar always-on display face switcher — a new power-saving mode which shuts off certain equipment when the battery level hits a low threshold, an agenda app for tracking their schedules, and a new five-star rating system for everything in the Fitbit App Gallery.

And as for the Fitbit Premium service, subscribers will soon get a long-term wellness report that tracks weight, activity, heart rate, and sleep data over long periods of time — from a month up to a year. Details on what that will look like have yet to be released (a linked blog post shows up as a 404). This and many more routines and games from partners such as POPSUGAR will be coming over the next few months.

In the meantime, Fitbit OS 4.1 will roll out from December 3.