Having a smart display around can be pretty handy — mine lives in my kitchen, where it plays me podcasts and times my eggs. With the holidays coming up, you might be looking to gift one to someone or add a touch of convenience to your own home. If Amazon's Echo Show line is your style, now would be a great time to snatch one up. The Echo Show 8 is currently available for pre-order, and it's discounted to $99 (from $129).

The Show 8, which launches on the 21st of this month, boasts smartly rounded corners and stereo speakers. It also has the privacy features of the smaller Show 5, allowing you to manually turn off the microphone and shutter the camera. In all, the Echo Show 8 is very much like the Show 5 but in a larger package. That extra screen real estate might be just what you need to easily read your calendar entries or enjoy episodes of Frasier while you cook.

The Echo Show 8 comes in charcoal and sandstone colors, and both are on sale for $99. You can also purchase the Show 8 packaged with the Show 5 for a total of $170 ($50 off).