The November Android security patch has been out for a week now, but it still isn't available for many unlocked Pixel 4 units. Affected owners report that their phones falsely state everything's up to date when checking for updates in Settings, even though this should force software onto your device right away these days. Savvy users trying to flash the OTA file manually are also interrupted by an error message.

When you can't get the latest Android update, it's usually easy enough to just sideload the current OTA to your Pixel. Trying to get the November patch this way results in the following error message, though:

package is older than the current build, expected a build newer than timestapmp 1570131307 but package has timestmp 1569028385 and downgrade not allowed.

A Pixel 4 owner found out that the October patch is timestamped as October 3, while the November OTA is supposedly from September 21, which is probably what hinders the sideloading process. This erroneous early date might stem from Google's extensive software tests it conducts long before stable launches.

The reports come from all over the world, but it seems that they have one thing in common: Many affected people own unlocked phones. It looks like carrier-locked devices update mostly fine.

We asked Google about this and a spokesperson told us "the rollout is currently on schedule." They didn't respond to our inquiry for more details and an exact timeline. In the meantime, if you really want the November patch on your Pixel 4, you will have to download the full image for your device and flash. Beware that this may clear all your data though.

It looks like Google fixed whatever issues there were with the November OTA on unlocked Pixel 4 devices, as the first of these are now receiving the update, including our own Artem Russakovskii's Pixel 4 XL. His smaller Pixel 4 hasn't gotten the patch yet, though. It's currently on build QD1A.190821.011.C4 while the XL is coming from QD1A.190821.007, which could be the reason why it's taking a little longer.

Update: I've tweaked this text to clarify that the OTA is starting to roll out to unlocked devices. Carrier-locked phones have been receiving it ever since the November patch was published.