Creating a home security system can be a daunting task to undertake, but Anker's eufyCam lineup seeks to make it just a bit simpler. We've previously seen this camera at a low of $160, but today's deal undercuts that price by $30. You can grab the camera kit at this new low of $130 using the code EUFY86CM at Amazon.

The most compelling feature of the eufyCam E is that it has no needs for any wires. It connects to its base station wirelessly, and it has a battery that lasts an entire year. This makes it easy to mount the camera anywhere you need it. To that end, the kit comes with two mounts: a quick detach magnetic mount and a fixed outdoor mount, to be used when you'd prefer the camera not be stolen—although the device also has an anti-theft alarm that is triggered when it detects it is being forcibly removed.

The camera is completely weatherproof with an IP65 dust and waterproof rating. It's equipped with a 140° 1080p lens with night vision, and has bidirectional audio through which you can communicate using the EufySecurity app.

To get the $100 discount, remember to use the coupon code EUFY86CM. The $130 reduced price should display in your cart after applying.