Disney+ is scheduled to be released in the US today at 3 am PST, and its apps are already live on almost any platform you could think of. For many, it's even possible to log in right now, so if you're up for a late-night/early-morning streaming session, you can try your luck by downloading or accessing the service on a device of your choice.

Left: The home page with featured content. Middle & Right: The search and explore interface.

We already saw most parts of the Android and Android TV app interface back when Disney+ launched in the Netherlands in September, but now, we've got a more complete picture. Like most modern apps, Disney+ features a bottom bar navigation on Android, consisting of home, search, downloads, and account tabs. When our own Artem Russakovskii first started the app, he was logged in automatically thanks to Google Smart Lock — that's how it should be. He reports that the fast-forwarding experience is great and offers three different speed options. As it turns out, you can select from 3 download quality settings. Overall, he thinks the app is extremely well done for a first version, both on mobile and on Android TV.

Downloads are as customizable as they are on other streaming platforms, thankfully.

Disney also published which Marvel titles will be available at launch, and it's looking good for fans of the franchise. The most recent movies are all on the platform, like Endgame, Captain Marvel, and Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2. Find the full list in the Twitter thread below:

As you can see over at Marvel's Disney+ countdown website, the service is slated to go live at 3 am PST or 6 am EST. Once it's fully released, signup and login will probably go live for everyone in every supported location. You can access the service via your Android phone or TV, your Xbox One or PlayStation 4, iOS and Apple TV devices, Roku TV, LG TV, and it's also available on Amazon's Fire devices and Samsung's app store. You can also use Disney+ on the web.

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