The Galaxy S10 series received a slew of Note10 features when it was updated back in September, but Samsung doesn't stop there. This month brings another round of notable improvements to the flagship series, including intelligent suggestions for device and gallery searches, an automatic Wi-Fi hotspot, and an update to the media editing suite on DeX.

In the photo gallery, Samsung has added intelligent keyword suggestions when you're searching for images. If you type 'cat,' for example, the app recommends 'Manx cats' or 'Persian cats.' I'd be surprised if this query in particular works reliably, though. The local device search has seen similar improvements and now also taps into content available on streaming apps.

In the notification shade, the addition of a Smart Things shortcut lets you easily view and control compatible devices connected to your phone and your smart home. It's not clear if you can turn this off in case you don't own any Smart Things devices.

Auto Hotspot is another new feature coming from the Note10. Once set up, your S10 will automatically establish a hotspot with other Samsung devices if they share the same Samsung account or family hub. A new Wi-Fi tips helper should also make it easier to troubleshoot connections.

DeX for the S10 has seen the addition of improved media editing tools. Among the usual features, its rudimentary photo and video editors let you add stickers to your content.

You can check if the update is available to you on your S10, S10+, or S10e in Settings, but you'll also receive a notification once it's automatically downloaded and ready to install. Since the launch date is dependant on your country and carrier, it might take quite some time until it reaches you.