Setting up a home security system is easier than it used to be thanks to wireless technologies and compact, inexpensive sensors. Ring's home security kit is already a good value at $199, but it's on sale today for $60 off over at B&H. It's a good addition for homes with Ring security cameras, but it works fine even if you don't want video monitoring.

The 5-piece Ring Alarm kit comes with a base station/siren, a keypad, a contact sensor, a motion sensor, and a Z-wave range extender to make sure all your devices remain connected. It connects to the Ring app for remote access and monitoring, but you can also get professional monitoring for $10 per month.

The B&H deal is currently lower than other retailers—Ring's own store and the Amazon listing are both still showing $199. If the 5-piece kit isn't quite enough coverage, you can grab a few more sensors and still come out ahead.