Black Desert Mobile is an MMORPG that's already available on Android, though you can only download it off the Play Store if you live in Korea or Japan. Now that the developer Pearl Abyss has had some time to iron out a few kinks and find some success in the regions the game was launched, the studio has announced on Facebook that a global release will happen this year, which means an English version is expected to land on the Play Store sometime in the next eight months.

For those unfamiliar with the Black Desert franchise, it started out as a Korean sandbox MMORPG for PC called Black Desert Online. It's a fairly popular MMO (that received a remastered version in August of 2018), which is probably why Pearl Abyss decided to create a mobile iteration for Android and iOS. The mobile version has been designed to mimic much of the gameplay found in Black Desert Online, though there are a few constraints thanks to the limits of what a mobile device can do. Sadly, auto questing mechanics are present, which means this title will play similarly to the majority of mobile MMORPGs on the Play Store instead of more like a traditional manually-controlled PC game.

It's no surprise to learn that Black Desert Mobile will finally be coming stateside sometime this year, though it would have been nice to see a firmer released date. Most likely this title should land in the US as a free-to-play release that includes in-app purchases, much like it did in Japan and Korea, though the current details surrounding the English version are currently pretty slim. Hopefully, further information will arise in the coming months as the English release inches closer and closer.

Check out the new gameplay trailer for Black Desert Mobile

Pearl Abyss has revealed an official gameplay trailer for its upcoming MMORPG Black Desert Mobile. The trailer was shown during the studio's E3 event, along with the announcement that the game should land in the West sometime this year. We already knew the mobile MMO would come to Android in 2019 when the global release was initially announced on Facebook in March (as you can read in the article above), though the new trailer was definitely the highlight of the recent E3 event. So if you're interested in how the transition from PC to Android is shaping up for Black Desert, make sure to give the above trailer a watch.

Press Release

Pearl Abyss reveals 2019 PlayStation launch for open-world action MMORPG at Into The Abyss event

MANHATTAN BEACH, Calif. – June 11, 2019 – During its second annual Into the Abyss event at the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) in Los Angeles, Pearl Abyss revealed that Black Desert is coming to PlayStation®4 (PS4) in 2019. Additionally, the company announced that pre-orders will begin July 2nd and include early access to the full game and in-game rewards. Following its success on PC, mobile, and Xbox platforms with 20 million registered users worldwide, the open-world action MMORPG will be available on PS4 in North America, Europe, Japan and South Korea.

Watch the PS4 teaser trailer here:

“Our team has been working diligently to make Black Desert the best that it can be, and we’re finally ready to reward our patient player base,” said Kwangsam Kim, Lead Producer of Black Desert at Pearl Abyss. “If you’ve been looking for a open-world action MMORPG on the PS4 with deep personalization to fit your gameplay experience, we encourage you to pre-order this July.”

Become your true self with unprecedented detail in character creation and skill-based, real-time combat. Featuring remastered graphics and audio, Black Desert for PS4 includes an optimized UI created specifically for a fluid, responsive console experience. With 4K resolution support for PS4 Pro, witness stunning visual environments in an expansive, living world.

Pearl Abyss additionally revealed that Black Desert Mobile is launching globally in 2019 for iOS and Android platforms. Currently available in South Korea, Japan and Taiwan, Black Desert Mobile boasts stunning graphics, skill-based combat and the most robust character customization of any mobile game on the market.

Pearl Abyss will be sharing more detailed information soon for PS4 content creators interested in joining the Black Desert Partner Program.

Visit the official website for more information and connect with the community on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

A press kit can be found here.

About Black Desert

Black Desert is an open-world action MMORPG with cutting-edge visuals and skill-based combat that redefines the genre. Black Desert has the most developed character customization system of any game that is currently on the market. This feature allows users to break out of the norm and make unique characters that truly represent each and every player. Its intuitive controls, beautifully designed world and extensive lore will excite both newcomers and veterans of MMO games and action RPGs. Black Desert has been successfully launched in over 150 countries, is available in 12 languages and has 20 million registered users.

About Pearl Abyss

Best known for the MMORPG franchise Black Desert, Pearl Abyss is a leading developer in the game industry. Established in 2010, Pearl Abyss has since developed Black Desert for PC, mobile and console. With all their games built on their proprietary engine, their games are renowned for their cutting-edge graphics. The company has two new projects in the works and is poised to continue its growth through 2019 and beyond to maintain its position as one of Asia’s leaders in game development. More information about Pearl Abyss is available at:

Black Desert Mobile is coming to the Play Store this winter

The official Black Desert Mobile YouTube account has released a new trailer that confirms the game will be globally launched this winter. The buildup to this release has been a slow one, but it would finally appear we are nearing the official launch. Before today all we knew is that the game would come before the end of the year, and "winter" definitely lines up with the previous outline, but it's nice to know that there's a narrower time frame to expect the release. Hopefully, as we inch closer to winter more details will come to light, but until then, enjoy the new trailer I've linked above, and if you'd like to get in on the ground floor, you can pre-register on the official website.

Black Desert Mobile is finally available on the Play Store for pre-registration

If you take a look through the above article and updates, it's clear that Pearl Abyss has taken its sweet time bringing Black Desert Mobile to the West, and while we already know that the game should land this winter, now that the Play Store pre-registration listing is live, it would seem we are finally inching towards the known release window. The Play Store description highlights the inclusion of dynamic skills, customizable characters, and exceptional graphics, though it's still unknown how the game will be monetized. So if like me you prefer to pre-register through the Play Store instead of random websites, go ahead and click on that pre-reg button in the Play Store widget below.

Black Desert Mobile
Black Desert Mobile
Developer: PEARL ABYSS
Price: To be announced

Press Release

Pre-Registration for Black Desert Mobile Now Available

Seoul, South Korea—September 27, 2019—Pearl Abyss today announced that later this year, the open-world action MMORPG Black Desert Mobile will finally be coming to players across the globe, including various regions in Southeast Asia. Make sure to pre-register on mobile now to become one of the first to download the game and get exclusive rewards!

The global version of Black Desert Mobile will continue to offer the same core combat and customization gameplay that millions of players across the world have experienced through PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation®4. In addition to the combat and in-depth character customization system, Black Desert Mobile offers life skills to upgrade camps, challenges with world bosses, and PvP content such as Node Wars. Black Desert Mobile reinterprets the renowned Black Desert SEA and optimizes it for the mobile platform with advanced actions, intuitive controls, and unprecedented gameplay systems.

The mobile version of the Black Desert IP has seen immense popularity as the number of downloads has exceeded 10 million. Adventurers can begin their new adventures by choosing from five character classes: Warrior, Ranger, Giant, Witch, or Valkyrie.

Adventurers can receive exclusive in-game items by signing up on Black Desert Mobile's official website, then pre-registering or pre-ordering on Google Play Store or the iOS App Store.

Watch the official gameplay trailer here:

About Black Desert

Black Desert is Pearl Abyss' open-world action MMORPG with cutting-edge visuals and skill-based combat that redefines the genre. With the most developed character customization system of any game currently on the market, users can break out of the norm and make unique characters that truly represent themselves. Its intuitive controls, beautifully designed world, and extensive lore will excite both newcomers and veterans of MMO games and action RPGs.

About Pearl Abyss

Established in 2010, Pearl Abyss has developed the MMORPG franchise Black Desert for PC, mobile, and console. All their games are built on their proprietary engine and are renowned for their cutting-edge graphics. With multiple projects in the works, they are poised to continue their growth through 2019 and beyond to maintain their position as a leading developer in the game industry. More information about Pearl Abyss is available at

Black Desert Mobile coming to Android on December 11

Black Desert Mobile has been a long time coming in the West (as seen with the mass of updates in this post), having last learned that the game was officially available for pre-registration on Android in September. Today Pearl Abyss has finally announced that its mobile MMORPG Black Desert Mobile will be officially launched on the Google Play Store on December 11th. This follows a brief soft-launch period that's currently available in seven regions, having already netted the game over 3-million installs. Suffice to say, I'm sure many people are eagerly awaiting the official release, and now that we know what day the game will arrive, all we need to do now is wait patiently. Much like I detailed in the update above, if you'd like to receive a notification whenever the game goes live, simply pre-register through the current Play Store listing.

Press Release

Grand Launch of Black Desert Mobile Hits iOS and Android on December 11 Following 3M+ Pre-Registrations
Pre-Register for Black Desert Mobile and Experience Black Desert Franchise on PC or Console for Free

MANHATTAN BEACH, Calif. – November 11, 2019 – Pearl Abyss today announced that the free-to-play open-world action MMORPG, Black Desert Mobile, will be launched globally on iOS and Android devices on December 11, 2019. Following an initial soft-launch on Android in seven countries and driving more than three million game pre-registrations, the grand launch of Black Desert Mobile will include new gameplay features and support for nine languages.

To celebrate, all pre-registrations through the official website for Black Desert Mobile will reward visitors with a free copy of Black Desert on supported consoles or PC.  Pre-register now on the official website to claim your key to Black Desert on consoles or PC while supplies last: The Black Desert franchise spans across PC, Xbox One, PlayStation®4, and mobile platforms with over 20 million registered users and availability in more than 150 countries. Black Desert Mobile offers the same fast-paced action combat and detailed character customization that players have come to expect on PC and console, with support for English, German, French, Spanish, Russian, Thai, Indonesian, Chinese and Chinese Traditional languages. Experience an open-world MMORPG filled with relaxing life skills and more, including:

  • Character Classes - Choose from five classes: Warrior, Ranger, Giant, Witch, or Valkyrie. Pick from masters of melee combat to those who attack from afar with range, or select a magic-based class for offensive and defensive skills.
  • Combat - Explore a deep combat system that allows players to experience the same core action of Black Desert on their mobile phone.
  • Customization - Discover your potential through a detailed character creation system. Design a unique adventurer by choosing from five classes and distinct skill sets to reflect your personal playstyle.
  • Life Skills - Hone your skills by fishing, gathering, trading, horse breeding, and camp managing your way to riches.
  • Leveling - Grow your character’s strength with different attributes including Equipment Enhancement, Accessories, the Black Spirit, and various Pets.
  • In-Depth Gameplay - In-game systems offer an immersive gameplay experience, such as social guilds, weather changes, a real-time marketplace, and environment. Black Spirit Mode, which enables Adventurers to continue their game and get rewards without network connection, even if the app is completely turned off.

Pre-register on the Google Play Store or pre-order on iOS App Store ahead of the global launch on December 11, 2019.  For more information about Black Desert Mobile, visit the official website and connect with us on FacebookTwitter and YouTube.