OnePlus is known for its outrageous marketing stunts so we didn't even blink when we saw that the company was building a piano out of its phones. The goal is to show off the 7T Pro's 90Hz display and fast processor, which were supposedly crucial in creating a smooth musical keyboard.

17 OnePlus 7T Pros were hooked together in a piano casing, each one showing three white keys for a total of 51 — close enough to a regular piano's 52. Pianist Karim Kamar was called upon to demonstrate the prowess of this electronic contraption, and the piano was shown off near Tate Modern in London yesterday. Passersby could enjoy Karim's music but also get their own try at tickling the virtual ivories. That includes people and yes, dogs. Music is universal after all.

The piano will move to three different cities over the next few days, so you can catch it there if you're interested:

  • Tuesday, November 12 from 10 AM: Place Jacques Rueff, Champ de Mars, Paris, France
  • Thursday, November 14 from 10 AM: Herrngasse 1, 91541 Rothenburg ob der Tauber, Germany
  • Saturday, November 16 from 12 PM: Helsinki Hall, Central Station, Helsinki, Finland

Following are a few videos captured from the piano's exhibition near Tate Modern.

Image credit: obakesan