Even though the Google Home Hub offered a lot of great features, it's been criticized for its relatively small screen and lack of front-facing camera, preventing it from doing video calls. Thankfully, the company fixed these issues with the larger Nest Hub Max. Surprisingly, even though the device was launched in September, its price just dropped to $200 at Bloomingdale's.

Thanks to its 10-inch display and built-in camera, the Nest Hub Max is perfect for Duo video calls, but also to watch YouTube videos and even to guide you through recipes while you cook.  The device also features a tracking functionality for the camera to follow you as you move during video calls. Thanks to Face Match, the smart display will be able to tell who you are and automatically display content that's relevant to you. Thankfully, there's a physical switch that lets you disable both the camera and microphone to make sure your device isn't looking or listening.

In addition to these fancy features, the Hub Max features a powerful built-in speaker to play your favorite tunes. It's also powered by Google Assistant and will be there to answer general questions, control your smart devices, display your Google Photos albums, and happily cast audio and video from your phone or tablet.

Both chalk and charcoal versions are discounted at Bloomingdale's until the 24th of November. The offer is valid for both online purchases and in-store pickups. If you'd like to know more about the device before buying it, make sure to check our full product review.