Even the biggest companies on the internet can't guarantee an uptime of 100%, and it seems like Nest is especially prone to outages this time of the year around. That's right — Google's smart home servers are currently not reachable for many people worldwide.

Nest has been down for a few hours already with first reports coming in at about 1 am PST. Twitter is filled with the word from users worldwide complaining that their devices are currently not reachable via the Nest app or voice control. At least Google is already aware of the issues — the company responded to some Tweets, saying its team is looking into the problem.

Once we have more information on the outage or an expected timeframe for a fix, we'll update our coverage.

Nest mostly back online

Reports of issues are declining, and Google has just communicated that the wider outage has been resolved. The Nest app and devices should be back up for most people. Still, issues like these prove that smart home tech should always have a local fallback.

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