Right now, you're probably reading these very words from a phone gripped in your hand, but it doesn't always stay there. Once you're done scrolling your feeds or talking to friends, it gets put away for a few seconds/minutes/hours. When you aren't tossing it onto a desk or table, where does it end up most of the time? Do you slide it into a purse or a pocket, and which side does it end up on?

I've been pondering this one for a while, surreptitiously observing my friends and fellow tech bloggers in their phone pocketing habits. While those of us writing about the subject often fill almost all our pockets with phones for easier comparisons (especially when writing reviews), in less rushed circumstances, we've usually got a "go-to" pocket, an opinion developed out of habit where our daily driver lives. And among the two primary choices — for those of us with working pockets, anyway — the discussion between left and right can get downright tribal.

Outside that rather polarizing distinction, a lot of us don't even have the benefits of working pockets to choose between. Women's fashion typically skips out on that utilitarian design in favor of cleaner lines, relegating the phone to a back pocket at best, or a purse at worse.

So, where does your phone usually end up when you put it away?

Where do you carry your phone?

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