Marshall speakers are extremely popular, mainly thanks to their retro looks and impressive audio quality. Unfortunately, they're also known for their particularly high price, which can be a roadblock for some, especially considering there are cheaper options on the market. Thankfully, the Stanmore II Bluetooth speaker just dropped to $200, which is $150 off the MSRP, making it a much more relevant contender.

In reality, the speaker has been selling for around $280 these past few months, but the new markdown makes it another $80 cheaper. In terms of specs, the Stanmore II features Bluetooth 5. 0 with aptX, letting you stream content without any lag, which is particularly useful when watching movies. As this is a Marshall product, there are many ways to customize how it sounds, thanks to the controls on top of the speaker and the app. Lastly, there are RCA and 3.5mm inputs to play music from wired sources, making this a relatively versatile product. Unfortunately, this is the standard Bluetooth version and not the more modern one that comes with Assistant.

Only the black model is discounted on Amazon, with other ones still at their original $350 price.