Google is rolling out the ability to edit and manage your public profile from Maps. Previously, all you could do was check up on your Local Guides points, if you were part of the program, but you couldn't edit your name or bio. With the new My profile tab, you have more control over how others see your contributions in Maps.

Left: New "Your profile" item. Right: Your profile.

In Maps, look for a new Your profile item in the side menu. This is where you'll find your info and all of your past contributions. You can edit your public name and photo, add a bio, and jump into your profile settings. One of the options lets you show or hide all your contributions on your profile; if they're hidden, they'll be there on a place's listing under your name for all to see, but your profile page won't show any of them. The second option lets you opt out of making your profile visible to businesses.

Left: Edit profile. Right: Profile settings in Maps (last two toggles).

The new profile page is rolling out server-side to Maps users, but it doesn't hurt to be on the latest version (v10.29.1 on APK Mirror) to see it. We're also expecting a change in the contributions tab that completely removes the old interface in favor of the new one that's been in beta for several months. But so far, both interfaces are still available together.

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