When you copy something from an app then switch to another and tap on a text entry box, the next thing you're likely to do is paste what you just copied. We often run into this scenario when using our phones and they could be a little smarter about it. Chrome already suggests pasting a link you just copied and now a similar feature is coming to Android on a system-wide level.

Pixel 4 owners have been noticing a pop-up with a suggestion to paste what is in the clipboard when they tap a text box. The pop-up works for links and regular text and doesn't seem to be reliant on Gboard's clipboard — it works in third-party keyboards too. However, it's very fickle and inconsistent in when it shows up and when it doesn't.

Left: Link pasting suggestion with Gboard. Right: Regular text pasting suggestion with Swiftkey.

So far, we think it's more consistently triggered when you copy from one app, move to another, and tap a text field. It might work when you switch between WhatsApp conversations though, even if you don't leave the app. We haven't been able to get it to show up at all when pasting inside a Chrome website and it doesn't pop up a second time if you don't use it the first one. Plus, it doesn't seem to stick for long so if you move between a few apps, you're not likely to get it.

All of our tipsters have seen these pop-up suggestions on the Pixel 4 or 4 XL, but not on any other device in their possession, even those running Android 10. I haven't gotten them on my Pixel 2 XL with Android 10 either, so we think they're being tested on the Pixel 4 only for now.

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