Google is putting its weight behind YouTube Music and trying to bolster the service's incentives before Play Music's rather inevitable demise. Part of this strategy involves adding plenty of interesting playlists to keep users entertained with hours and hours of music. Among these recent additions are 19 playlists dedicated to the best songs from this decade.

These '10s playlists span a selection of genres, from the all-encompassing '10s Hits to a multitude of dance, EDM, and electronic styles, plus some "adult" playlists that contain explicit songs. Not that the regular playlists don't, but I'm sure there's some a hidden mysterious logic behind Google's ways.

The playlists may vary by country. To check the ones for you, open YouTube Music and look for a "Songs of the decade" row on your homescreen. If you don't see it, try searching for "10s" and look for the playlists made by YouTube Music. Otherwise, we've got the links for the US-centric playlists for you below. You can add them to your library regardless of your location and account country. Expect 100 songs on average in each one.