When Google launched Assistant, it was criticized for working with fewer smart devices than Alexa. The company rapidly showered us with support for many more products, though, and has recently introduced compatibility with mops, microwaves, and showers. Until today, though, Assistant couldn't natively work with your entire bathroom. Google is now righting this wrong by bringing native support for bathtubs and faucets; hot!

Thanks to direct integration with these devices, you can now ask Google Assistant to fill up or drain your bathtub, and even specify to which level, if it supports it. There's also an option to control faucets to dispense liquids in various quantities, which could be handy if your pet is thirsty.

In the past, such products could only work with Assistant by Asking it to talk to third party services, a process that wasn't flowing well. Thanks to the new device types brought by Google, your commands will go through the pipes more seamlessly, provided the manufacturer builds the integration.

Now that we can fill up our bathtubs by shouting at Google, I'm wondering when we'll be able to flush our toilets hands-free...

Google has also added humidifiers and dehumidifiers to the list of smart device types it supports natively on Assistant. For both, companies can let users control the device's fan speed, humidity setting, mode, and toggle it on/off. Thanks, Nick Felker!

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