Most current phones come with a decent amount of onboard storage. However, media files and apps are also increasingly heavier, meaning you can quickly run out of space on your device. Thankfully, a wide range of handsets and tablets have a microSD slot to accommodate for extra storage. If you're looking for one, you're in luck, as PNY's 32GB and 64GB microSDXC cards are discounted on Amazon, selling for $9 and $13, respectively.

These products are built to withstand harsh conditions, as they are water-, shock-, and X-ray proof. They're also designed with velocity in mind, as they can achieve reads speeds as high as 90MB/s, and feature Class 10 and U3 ratings, which offers great performance when shooting photos in burst mode or recording 4K and full HD videos.

If you're interested in getting one, use the links below to purchase yours on Amazon. I'd recommend going for the 64GB version, as it's only $4 more expensive and is double the size of the cheapest version.