This year, Google decided to lighten up things a bit for Halloween by offering a seasonal theme for the Nest Hello that plays spooky sounds instead of the usual doorbell ring. However, with the festivities come and gone, many are now unable to get back to normal sounds — a delayed spooky surprise!

People who switched to the Halloween theme during the celebrations are slowly noticing that they have no way of reverting to the standard ring at the moment. Theming options are gone across the Android and iOS apps and the website, and the Nest Hello doesn't automatically revert to the standard sound. It's almost like the Halloween ghosts refuse to let it go.

Google plans on releasing more seasonal themes for Christmas and winter, so let's hope the company will be able to figure out an automatic reset of chimes in the future. You wouldn't want to hear Jingle Bells all the way through Easter, would you?

We've asked Google for a statement on the stuck Halloween themes, and hopefully, the issue will soon be fixed.

Good news: We've heard back from Google and the company informs us that it has developed a fix for this issue, which should start rolling out to affected Nest Hello users presently.

Google shared more information on the fix in the corresponding support thread. As of 8 am PT yesterday, the issue should have been resolved, so the spook should be over for all Nest Hello owners now.

The company says the problem arose because of a release timing problem. The chime should've been reverted back to normal before the removal of the option, but as we know, that didn't happen.

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