It hasn’t been long since the Facebook app for Android shed its dark blue top bar in favor of an interface that looked whiter than Facebook’s ethos. Some of that vibrancy may soon make a comeback as the social media giant is testing a redesigned options tab along with a new bottom navigation bar, where the Facebook logo sits right in the center. The changes are visible only to a few people, so possibly it’s a limited test.

What catches the eye is the nav bar that has been shifted to the bottom and now holds fewer buttons. The right icon understandably shows all your notifications, while the left one, I assume, takes you to the feed. All menu options currently grouped under the hamburger menu of the existing UI have been moved to a new head skillfully called Menu, accessible through the new f button.

Left: Current UI Center: Updated UI Right: Full-screen view of the menu

The options and their icons appear unchanged in the supporting screenshots, though each is now enclosed in a white box arranged on a color-gradient background. You can head to your profile or make a search from their respective elements placed in the header region. We were able to confirm that the interface for the news feed and the notification section hasn’t undergone similar changes.

These UI alterations appeared on the app version, but none of my teammates could get them despite running the same update. It looks to be a server-side switch that was made available to a randomly picked user group. You can get the latest Facebook app from APK Mirror to check if you’ve got the rainbow.

Developer: Facebook
Price: Free+

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