Google's long-awaited game streaming service is almost here, and you can get ready by installing the newly arrived Stadia app. And then... you can wait some more. The Stadia app will let you select a Google account, but you can't connect it to Stadia to buy or play any games just yet.

The Stadia app will eventually let you peruse the store and stream games from the cloud on your phone. Those same games will also stream to Chromecasts or the Chrome browser on computers. Currently, the Stadia app only lets you get as far as selecting an account. The next screen asks for an invite code, which no one has yet.

Those who ordered the Stadia Founders Edition kit should begin getting them in the coming weeks. Those will include the codes necessary to unlock the app so you can begin streaming games. For now, you can just stare at the icon. We've also got the app on APK Mirror if you prefer.

Developer: Google LLC
Price: Free
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