Google Podcasts is still far from being a possible replacement of third-party clients for many podcast aficionados, but the service keeps adding minor refinements here and there to improve the experience. The latest is a multiselect option to help you perform bulk actions on episodes.

On Google Podcasts' homescreen, the For you card houses three tabs for new episodes, those that you started listening to but haven't finished, and those that have been downloaded to your device. If the tab contains three or more episodes, you'll see a blue All episodes option right below them, which opens a separate screen. None of this is new. The difference is that on all three screens there's now an added pencil icon that lets you select multiple episodes to act on. Previously, your only choice was to tap the overflow button and perform an action on all, no exceptions or selections.

Left: Previously, no multiselect icon. Right: New icon added.

For new episodes, you can select several episodes and quickly tap to download them. For unfinished ones, you get the option to mark as played or download. And finally, for downloaded episodes, you can delete the ones you no longer need in one fell swoop.

Left: Multiselect option for new episodes. Middle: In progress. Right: Downloads.

Google Podcasts isn't an app per se, it's more like a shortcut to the built-in functionality inside the Google app. That's why these changes aren't linked to a Google Podcasts APK. They're live for me with the latest Google beta v10.83.8 (APK Mirror), though it could be a server-side update available to older versions too or in limited rollout now.

Developer: Google LLC
Price: Free
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  • Ramit Suri