Supercel started to hint at its next combat strategy game last Friday with a teaser tweet from an account named "Rush Wars" that contained the number "26" and the word "beta." As of this morning, we now know that this title is currently available as a beta release on the Google Play Store in Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. From the looks of it, this is a game that combines many of the mechanics found in earlier Supercell releases, so if you're a fan of the studio's previous work, it appears that Rush Wars doesn't stray too far from what's made the developer so famous.

The beta trailer above covers a few of the mechanics you can expect from the upcoming release of Rush Wars. First and foremost you'll build an elite squad out of the characters you unlock in the game's loot crates, to then send them out into the field in search of gold by attacking gold mines. Of course, you'll also have to build up and protect your own mine by placing your defenses as you would in a tower defense game. At its core, Rush Wars appears to be a mashup of every other Supercell release, which is hardly surprising considering that these overly-familiar mechanics have made Supercell a lot of money over the years.

● Construct your ultimate attack squad to raid enemy gold mines and get mega rich
● Join a TEAM or start your own with friends
● Fight in war and face off against enemy TEAMS from around the globe
● Discover the Rush Wars universe by earning Free Boxes to unlock troops and defenses
● Collect Commanders with special abilities to lead your squad into battle
● Protect your Gold Mines from unwitting attackers
● Discover new maps like MEGACITY and AREA 54 that feature unique effects

So far we still don't know when Rush Wars will be officially released, though today's beta launch in Canada, Australia, and New Zealand probably means we are getting close. What we do know is that the game contains in-app purchases and that they range up to $99.99 per item, so if you were hoping for a premium release, this isn't it.

I can't say that I've ever been a fan of Supercell titles or the way they are monetized. Many would say the studio's games are pay-to-win, and in most cases, I would agree, as it's tough to compete in titles where players can easily pay for advantages. While I don't know the specifics of Rush's monetization, the inclusion of loot boxes and expensive IAPs doesn't bode well for the title, at least in my opinion. If you disagree and happen to live in Canada, Australia, or New Zealand, feel free to give the game a try by clicking on the download button in the Play Store widget below.

Rush Wars
Rush Wars
Developer: Supercell
Price: To be announced
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Supercell is closing development for Rush Wars

Apparently, Supercell isn't happy with how the beta development for Rush Wars has been shaping up. After listening to feedback from the community, changes were made to the game, though the developer feels these changes did not make the game more enjoyable, so have decided to cancel the project altogether. The Rush Wars beta will continue to run until November 30th, 2019, and after that date, the game will no longer be available, and its servers will be offline. While I'm sure this was a difficult decision to make, I suppose there is a certain dignity in admitting that the game isn't working. I'd much rather see a failing product canceled before it reaches the masses than watch as a dev releases something they know fans won't enjoy. So even though I don't often partake in Supercell's titles, I can respect that the company has the foresight to acknowledge when something isn't working.