Taking a note from the recently released Pixel 4, it appears that a future Chromebook may include support for Ambient EQ. This capability would help relieve eye strain when working under various lighting conditions through the use of automatic white balance adjustments.

Multiple commits in Chromium Gerrit—a tool used for code review—point towards the functionality being added to Chrome OS. These commits include details for adding a flag to display/hide the Ambient EQ UI, testing if the current device supports Ambient EQ, and adding a UI control for Ambient EQ.

Ambient EQ is implemented in a fashion similar to that of auto-brightness. An ambient light color sensor collects information about your surroundings, then modifies the screen temperature to allow for better viewing.

This marks the first time such a feature would become available in Chromebooks. Currently, Chromebook hardware lacks the required color sensor a device would need in order to perform this function — we'd need to see the launch of a new model in order for this to become a reality.

Besides the Pixel 4, this functionality has also been used on the Google Nest Hub and Nest Hub Max. If these commits are to be believed, it looks like Chromebooks are next.

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