Unicode 12.0 was officially announced many months ago, but the emojis and changes it brought have slowly been trickling down to different platforms. Google already implemented them in Android 10, but WhatsApp, which likes to use its own cross-platform designs, is just now following suit.

V2.19.315 of the messenger, which is in beta now, brings all of Unicode 12's new emojis. These include a yawning face, a pinching hand, kneeling people, several additions for hearing and mobility-impaired people, guide and service dogs, an orangutan, a flamingo, garlic, onion, waffles, falafel, a hindu temple, multiple clothing additions, a parachute and a kite, a WhatsApp-branded yo-yo, a drop of blood, an axe, and several new colors for hearts, circles, and squares. The three existing people holding hand emojis get different skin color variations too to denote multi-racial couples. You can see all the additions in the screenshots below or in Unicode's official list.

Left: New emojis. Right: Many of them come with skin color variants.

All in all, there are 74 brand-new emojis, but hundreds if you factor in the various skin color options. To get these, you need to be on WhatsApp beta v2.19.315, which is available from the Play Store (if you join the beta) or directly through APK Mirror.

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