Whether you're looking for a power bank, new wireless speakers, true wireless headphones, or a projector, Anker's range of products is known to be reliable and affordable. Thanks to a special deal on the company's lineup, you can save up to $175 on a bunch of products today on Amazon.

Chargers, power banks, and cables

PowerWave Pad $12 ($4 off)

Anker's wireless charger is a steal at just $12. It features 10W fast charging and has a built-in LED to let you know when your phone is filled up. Since this is a charging pad — and not a stand — your handset will lie flat on it, meaning it won't be convenient to use it while it's powering up. Lastly, there's no included AC wall adapter in the box, so you'll have to use your own or buy one separately.

PowerCore II Slim 10000 $25 ($11 off)

This power bank is not Anker's best, as it only has a single output in the form of a USB-A port, and charges over MicroUSB. However, its 18W output means it can fill up devices quickly, and can even deliver enough power to charge a MacBook or iPad Pro, provided you have a USB-A to USB-C cable. If you don't plan on charging multiple devices at once, it can be a decent option, but if you need USB-C or multi-output, you should look for another power bank.

5-pack MicroUSB cable $11 ($5 off)

If you still use devices that charge over MicroUSB and need some fresh cables for them, Anker's got you covered with this 5-pack.  The bundle includes one 1ft, two 3ft, one 6ft, and one 10ft cable to match your needs. They also support fast charging, so you won't have to worry about compatibility with your charger.


Nebula Capsule II $406 ($174 off)

When we reviewed the Nebula Capsule II pico projector, we appreciated its design and connectivity but were a bit disappointed by its price. Thankfully, you can get it for $406 today, which helps alleviate the drawback. It comes with Android Pie, has HDMI and USB connectivity, and features a built-in a 9,700mAh battery to watch movies anywhere you want.

Nebula Capsule II Travel Case $28 ($12 off)

Since the Nebula Capsule II is a portable projector, you might as well bundle it with its travel case and save another $12 on the purchase.


Soundcore Liberty Air $55 ($24 off)

The Soundcore Liberty Air offer excellent audio, five hours of playback time, and a discreet design. In our review, we appreciated their features and found them to be affordable at just $80, but you can snatch them for even less today. On the negative side, they still charge over MicroUSB, and there's a noticeable audio latency when watching videos on your phone. All in all, they should be a great fit if you're looking for an everyday pair to use at the gym.

Soundcore Liberty $69 ($30 off)

If you need something a little more premium, I'd go with the higher end Liberty earbuds. They offer about eight hours of playback on a single charge and can reach up to 100 hours thanks to the charging case. Their IPX5 sweat and water-resistance will make sure you can keep them on during intense workouts, and their graphene drivers will deliver higher quality audio. At just $15 more, I'd go for these if you're hesitating between the two.


Soundcore Icon Speaker $35 ($15 off)

This speaker is an excellent all-rounder, as it offers good audio combined with improved bass, IP67 water and dust protection, and 12 hours of audio on a single charge. It's designed to be hung anywhere and to withstand sand and water, making it a great beach companion. It can also be paired with another Soundcore Icon for a more immersive stereo experience.

Soundcore Model Zero Speaker $119 ($81 off)

If you're looking for something more premium, the Model Zero is Anker's higher-end offering. It provides excellent sound and build quality, together with an impressive battery life. There's a significant price difference between the two, but we're talking about a high-quality speaker here. You can check out our full review for more information on the Model Zero.


3-in-1 USB-C Hub $21 ($7 off)

If you bought a MacBook and are struggling with connectivity, Anker's hub combines USB-A, HDMI, and full-speed charging into a single and affordable hub. Unfortunately, there's no VGA port and only a single USB-A port, which is rather odd given its relatively large footprint.

If you're interested in any of the deals above, make sure you make your purchase before tonight, as they're only valid today.