One major problem with Chromebooks is that the support lifespan is fixed; once your Chromebook passes its End-Of-Life date, usually a few years from its release, it will no longer get updates. This is in stark contrast to traditional PCs, which can continue to receive updates (even if only through Linux) until the hardware fails. Thankfully, Google has just made this problem slightly less annoying.

Seven Chromebooks from Lenovo recently had their support lifespan extended, and now Google has updated the EOL date for 135 more models from several manufacturers. Here are all the changes:

Most models received another year of support, others only got another six months, and some now have two more years. Some notable models include the Asus Chromebook Flip C302 (June 2023, from Nov. 2022), Google Chromebook Pixel 2015 (June 2021, from June 2020), Google Pixel Slate (June 2026, from June 2024), and the Samsung Chromebook 3 (June 2022, from June 2021).

One model, the Prowise Chromebook Eduline, actually had its support life reduced by a year (from June 2025 to June 2024). It's not clear if this is a typo on Google's part, but that's what the page now says.

So, if you own a Chromebook, you probably just got another year of feature and security updates. It still can't beat the 8 year-old PCs that can still run Windows 10, but any improvements are welcome.

Five more models just had their support cycle extended by a year:

  • Acer Chromebook 714 (CB714-1W / CB714-1WT), now June 2025
  • Acer Chromebook 715 (CB715-1W / CB715-1WT), now June 2025
  • Asus Chromebook C300SA / C301SA, now June 2022
  • Asus Chromebook C403, now June 2024
  • Lenovo N22 Chromebook, now June 2022

One Chromebook was just revived from the dead — the Acer Chromebook 11 (CB3-111, C730, C730E) now has an EOL date of September 2021, after support was previously dropped in August of this year.